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Old March 5th, 2005, 09:24 PM
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How to select a person in a picture

I'm new to Photoshop Elements and was wondering if anyone could please tell me the easiest way to select a person or unusual shaped object from a picture. I would like to select things from a picture and either delete them or move some.

I would appreciate anyone's advice!
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Old March 6th, 2005, 04:24 AM
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Welcome to the forum!!

The easiest way depends on your object and the background, but usually the way to select an object such as a person is by using one of the lasso tools.

If the object has defined edges then I would start with the Magenetic Lasso tool. The lasso tools are the sixth icon down in the main tool box. To switch between the tools press the L key. The Magnetic Lasso tool has (guess what) a little picture of a magnet...

With the Magnetic Lasso tool selected, move the cursor to your object. It's best to start in a "corner" of the object if you can. To start selecting, just left click then move the cursor around the outline of the object.

PE3 will set selection points automatically as you go. Sometimes though it will make a mistake with other shapes and lines adjacent to your object. If it does this, or you aren't happy with the selection, then press the Backspace key to undo the last selection point.

If you want to add selection points as you go, like when you come to a corner or change direction, just left click. Join up at the last point to complete the selection.

Go slowly but don't worry if the selection isn't 100% accurate because you can fix it later.

The shape should now be outlined by a marching ants effect.

If there are areas where the selection isn't absolutely accurate (there probably will be), then use either the lasso tool or the selection brush to correct the selection.

With the lasso tool, down the Shift key to add areas to the selection or hold down the Alt key to remove areas.

Also, you could use the selection brush, which I tend to use most for fine tuning or adjusting selections. Press the A key to choose the Selection Brush. From the brush menu above the work area, choose a small hard edge brush. If you want to change the size of the brush while you are working press the [ key to make it smaller and ] to make it bigger.

To highlight the areas that are selected, go to Mode on the tool bar above the work area and select Mask. The areas that are not selected are now shown by a coloured area. The areas selected will appear as normal.

To add areas, just paint with the brush inside the selection. To remove areas hold the ALT key and paint outside the selection.

When finished change the Mode from Mask to Selection.

Once you are happy with the selection, I recommend that you save it - just in case you want to come back to it. To do this go to Select on the top tool bar and choose "Save Selection". There you will also see options to load and delete selections.

Let me know how to get on and please post back if you need any help.

If you want specific advice about the picture then upload it via a link. Go to www.pixentral.com to upload the picture and then post the url here.

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