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Old July 9th, 2011, 12:31 PM
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Best Way to Obtain Project Assets from Friends & Family: PE9 Project

Hello friends!

I'm planning to use Premiere to assemble a birthday DVD for my wife, consisting of short (30 seconds max) video clips from about 20 of her best friends around the country. Some will use video; some might instead send audio clips and photos as an alternative.

These clips will be too big to email, and so I'm looking for a central online site that I can maintain for a period of time, and to which these friends can upload their clips and photos. All of the photo sharing sites (Picasa, Skydrive, etc.) seem to be designed for sharing in the other direction: I upload, and others view and download. I want the reverse: a site to which her friends upload -- without having to subscribe and pay anything -- and I simply collect them and download them onto my computer, then delete them from the online site after capturing them.

Ideally, each of her friends shouldn't be able to view or download the others' clips, although that's not an essential requirement. I just need a way of making it very easy for her friends to use, without each of them having to register their own sites. I'm envisioning a solution similar to the GoogleDocs concept, but without the file size limitations (GoogleDocs is designed for MS Office type files).

Anyone have any ideas for me? Would be much appreciated!

Old July 9th, 2011, 01:30 PM
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Premiere Elements questions should be placed in the Premiere Elements Forum so that they do not get mixed, lost, or overlooked among the Photoshop Elements ones. For that reason, I have moved your thread here to the Premiere Elements Forum. Since, at this stage of your project, your question is not really a Premiere Elements one, but rather related to convenient method to receive project assets, I had mixed feeling about placement of your thread. After weighing all factors, here you are in the Premiere Elements Forum and here are my thoughts....

1. Your answers are not here, but rather they are in a Google Search for free host sites which offer you the best alternatives that will fit into your scheme of things. There are many that might do or almost do what you want. We do not promote any particular site for these purposes. We troubleshoot the workings of Elements programs. I do not believe that the photoshop.com (free) that came with your Premiere Elements 9 or photoshop.com plus (not free) will serve your purposes, but you can give them a look. I suspect that you will have to make compromises in your choice of communication...but,
(provided for quick informational purposes)

2. What file sizes are you expecting from friends and family for the videos, audio, and photos? Each over 25 MB? Over 300 MB? Greater than 300 MB? Have you explored placement of the larger files in zipped or 7zip folders for sending by email...it has been my experience that gmail and yahoo do not handle folders, but there are others who do...hotmail, verizon....? But, success in this approach will depend on how much over 20 MB these files are.

3. Have you considered the person sending you the huge files burned to disc, via the postal service?

But file size seems to be the issue. So, please clarify, will these people be sending you "huge" (to be defined) files and you will be cutting them into 30 second clips...or...are these people sending you 30 second clips.

Old July 9th, 2011, 03:35 PM
6mike21 6mike21 is offline
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Join Date: Jul 2011
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Thanks, ATR, for the re-direction.

Regarding file sizes, I'm asking submitters to keep each video clip to 20 to 30 seconds -- which might mean anywhere between 10 and 40 MB per clip, depending on the resolution when the clip is made.

Also, I have posted a similar question on the GoogleApps forum, hoping that I can get some direction there regarding either GoogleDocs or GoogleSites -- both of which take a collaborative approach to files.

Thanks again!

Old July 9th, 2011, 03:46 PM
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Posts: 21,439

If you can get those files down to 25 MB, I suspect that gmail could process the file, not the folder. Is it possible for the sendings to be sent in two sendings instead of one when file size gets close to 25 MB - 40 MB?


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