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Old March 28th, 2010, 03:54 PM
gordy9 gordy9 is offline
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Printing a PSD file

I am trying to create a 5 x 7 Easter card. I have the file saved as a psd file, this file has the background layer plus 6 other layers. When I try to print the file to see how it looks it only prints the background layer which is green. All the remainder layers which are on top of this background layer do not print. Is there another step that I must do?
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Old March 28th, 2010, 04:56 PM
frank abramonte frank abramonte is offline
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gordy9, they should all print, I print psd files and all the layers print. I'm not familiar with the PC. In the mean time you can merge all the layers, save with a new name and print.
Since you save with a different your original document will still be in tact.
Someone should be along with the correct answer shortly.
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Old March 28th, 2010, 05:45 PM
ATR ATR is offline
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What version of Photoshop Elements do you have?

In the Layers Palette are the visibility icons for each of the 6 layers above the Background Layer ON?

Do you have more than one file in the Photo Bin? And if so, do you have the correct one selected when you begin the print process?

What does the preview of the printer show you for what you are about to print...your full image or just the background layer?

Flattening the Layers in the Layers Palette will indeed get you one composite Layer. But, after you save that and reopen it, you cannot unflatten it to edit. Typically you would make 2 versions of the .psd, one flattened, one unflattened.

You can also make a composite layer of all the layers and still retain all your layers. With the visibility icons ON for the Layers involved, highlight the top layer and then:
a. for some versions, hold down the Ctrl Alt Shift simultaneously and hit the e key.
b. for some versions, you need to create a new layer at the top of the layers palette and then hold down the Ctrl Alt Shift simultaneously and hit the e key.

But there is a fundamental issue if you have the visibility icon ON for each of the layers in the Layers Palette and you are seeing ONLY the Background Layer at the bottom. Depending on the transparencies in Layers 2 through 5, you should be seeing the top layer if nothing else.

Please check out what I have written and let me know if there are any additional details that you could supply to help me help you?

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Old March 29th, 2010, 05:30 PM
gordy9 gordy9 is offline
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I have PSE 7. Visibility icons were all turned on. I only had one file in Photo Bin. Printer only showed Background layer in preview. I Flatten the Layers in the Layers Palette and still could not print.

I have no idea what I did wrong, so I decided to start over and print after each layer was added. Everything went OK this time and I was able to print the card.

This was a good learning experience as I am new to PSE.

Thanks for all the advice.
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