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Old March 19th, 2010, 05:37 PM
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Moving PSE8 over to New Computer

I'm concerned about how to move my PSE files over to a new computer.
The new computer is a Compaq Empresario and I do not have an external hard drive or second internal hard drive. The external one is on my list to buy next month, and really need to have my work on the new one asap.

I have two catalogs, one for photos and misc. not related to PSE, and the other is all my scrapbooking materials - kits, papers, elements, etc. Both catalogs are tagged and am unsure of how to make the transfer without losing the tagging. It took a long time to get a tagging sys that I liked and would hate to lose them.

My guess is to do a PSE backup of each individual catalog, but I'd appreciate suggestions from those have been through this, and what I need to do and what to avoid.

Thanks for your help,
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Old March 20th, 2010, 10:12 AM
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I think you should be able to copy and paste the catalog file from one computer to the Compaq:

1. In the control panel> Folder Options> View, select the option to view hidden files and folders.

2. Copy the "Catalogs" folder (that contains the catalogue files) from C>program data>Adobe>Elements Organiser> (This is using Vista. The position may be different in Win7 or XP) and paste it onto a pen drive.

3. Load and open Elements 8 onto your compaq.

4. Using Elements, create new catalogues using the same names as your old catalogues.

5. On the Compaq, show hidden files as above.

6. Go to the Elements Organiser folder and rename the Catalogs folder to Old catalogue. Copy and paste the folder from your pen drive into the Elements Organiser folder.

7. Move your photos across to the same file location as they are on your old computer.

8. open the Elements Organiser and hopefully it will all be there.

9. Hide your hidden folders again on both computers.

If it doesn't work for you, just delete the new Catalogs folder and revert the Old Catalogs folder my renaming it back to Catalogs

Don't forget to deactivate elements from your old computer before you uninstall it.

I hope that helps. And welcome to the Village (I've only been here a few months myself and don't know if I am qualified to welcome you, but it would seem churlish not to!)

Can anyone else come up with a different, slightly less long-winded method?

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Old March 20th, 2010, 01:26 PM
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To move the catalog and all of its photos, you need some kind of external drive -- either an external hard drive or a flash drive large to hold all your photos. See this FAQ for the easiest way to move your photos, using Backup/Restore:

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