View Full Version : No 'Burn to DVD' option in Photoshop Elements

March 28th, 2006, 07:17 PM

I created a slide show in Photoshop Elements 4.0.

I clicked on Output Slide Show > Burn to Disc. But it only gives me the option to "Burn VCD on drive..."

If I dry putting a DVD-R into my drive, it ejects it and asks me to insert a CD-R or CD-RW.

Question: Why doesn't it give me the option to burn a DVD? How do I fix this?

The Elements 4.0 Help file says you CAN burn directly to a DVD.

I have a Pioneer DVR-108, with the latest driver and firmware, and I can easily burn DVDs from Premiere Pro and various other programs. My system is XP SP2, latest updates.

Please help! Thanks.

March 28th, 2006, 09:56 PM
I have Windows XP/Elements 3.0 which does include the options to burn to CD or DVD.

It is my recollection that Elements 4.0 does not have burn to DVD option and that Premiere Elements 2.0 bundled to 4.0 is supposed take care of that activity.

A search of the Forum will yield a lot of Threads on this burning to disk with Elements. Most seem to go to alternative software which you have apparently used successfully.

Playback on computer seems less problematic. Playback on TV/DVD is another matter.

While you are waiting for senior Forum users to respond, you may want to do a Forum Search on the topic.


March 28th, 2006, 10:13 PM
Yep, ATR is right; you can burn a VCD in PSE4. If you want to burn a DVD, you need to save to .wmv file and then burn with another program (I use ROXIO). And, there are a ton of threads on this, if you search on BURN, you'll get several. Good luck with your project.

March 28th, 2006, 11:26 PM
Thank you both.

Yeah, I've read all the "burn"-related threads -- it's been most informative. Overwhelmed, I'm forgetting some of what I read, and some folks contradict others. So I am still confused by several things.

1. Wow, that is so misleading of Adobe, or I am a sloppy reader! Photoshop Elements 4.0 Help file says: "Burn To Disc: Saves the slide show on a VCD or DVD, depending on your hardware configuration." It does not say you need any other software, neither Premiere Elements nor a 3rd party program. Oh, well.

I own Premiere Pro, would that work, or do I need Elements (or 3rd party)?

With either Premiere Pro or Premiere Elements, do I have to save a .wmv in PS Elements first, then do the burning via the other program? If so, doesn't that degrade quality? Is it noticeable on a giant tv screen?

2. I made a 22 minute slide show, lots of hi-res images. When I try to save it as a .wmv file at top quality, it says I don't have enough storage space -- but I have over 200 GB on the drive I'm trying to save it on! The whole thing at the next quality level down is only about 100 MB. The Elements program itself is on my C drive, which has about 28 GB free. I can't imagine that's not enough either, but maybe it's trying to make temp files there? If so, how might I fix this? Any ideas?

(BTW: My system is 2.52 GHz with 2 GB of RAM. And it's kinda purdy too.)

3. I had a problem saving it as a .wmv file at second-best quality. The finished file is flawed: the first minute plays great, then suddenly none of the slides show -- the music still plays, but all I get is black video for the next 21 minutes. But when I preview the slide show within Elements, it looks fine. I've used jpg's, tif's, psd's and crw's, but all 4 file types appear in that first good minute, so I doubt any of them are causing a problem later.

Any ideas?

Thanks again!