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February 3rd, 2010, 06:12 PM
I'm new to using premier Elements and I am having some issues. I am importing about 600 photos. If I have background rendering on, after about 100 photos, premier warns me I'm running out of resources.

I'm running dual core, XP SP3, 3.25GB RAM and 60GB free space on my disk.

Project preferences DV NTSC, 16:9 widescreen

When I turn background rendering off, I can't see previews of my photos when I drag them onto my Timeline.

Is there a way to see the photos without having background rendering "on"? Help files in the application, are not providing me any guidance on this.

I've used other DVD authoring software packages and have never had this problem with any of them, as they typically render at type of burning the DVD.

February 3rd, 2010, 07:18 PM

Since you mentioned Background Rendering, you must be using Premiere Elements 8.

Please work with the Background Rendering and AutoAnalyzer features disabled. You disable Background Rendering in the Premiere Elements 8 workspace Edit Menu/Preferences/General, and you disable AutoAnalyzer in the Elements Organizer workspace Edit Menu/Preferences/AutoAnalyzer options. When and if you need to render the Timeline to get the best possible preview of the end product, then press the Enter Key of the computer main keyboard. Those features grab a lot of the computer resources.

Also, 60 GB free hard drive space is not all that much for a large project and especially if you are rendering the Timeline a lot and have the scratch files directed to the C local hard drive. Where do you have the scratch files (previews files et al) directed? See Premiere Elements 8 workspace Edit Menu/Preferences/Scratch Disks.

But I suspect that the knockout punch will end up being your photo pixel dimensions. What are the pixel dimensions of those 600 photos? Are they jpegs or psds? And, if psds, are the flattened or unflattened? For your goal of DVD Video widescreen the pixel dimensions should not exceed 1000 x 750 pixels. We can talk about this aspect of the project once I know more about these 600 photos.

To be continued....