View Full Version : Audio Stops on Shared MPEGs

January 26th, 2010, 10:12 PM
In pre8 I have created a couple MPEG files under the Share function. The audio for these files drops out after exactly thirty seconds of playback in WMP & a couple other MPEG players I have available. The project files in pre8 play in Monitor just fine all the way through with the audio all on the Audio 1 track. Each project contains about 10 clips all recorded on the same camera. I have eliminated all key frames and the clip audio settings are all identical with no effects as best as I can tell. I recall reading something about setting overall project volume fad in & out but have not relocate that information again. Can you aim me in the right direction to correct this issue?

January 26th, 2010, 10:41 PM

At this time I am not sure how the problem described fits the requested information, but I will give you the information that I think that you are requesting and look into this tomorrow morning.

1. Right click the audio on the audio track, select Fade and then FadeIn or FadeOut (the first time around).
2. Right click the audio on the audio track, click on the Properties Icon above the Timeline to bring up the Properties Palette, and, in the Properties Palette, click on the Volume Panel and expand it to show its options which include FadeIn FadeOut.

Other information that may be helpful....right click the audio on the audio track, select Show Clip Keyframes...Volume or Balance.

If you do not resolve this, I will need to know:
Project Preset in New Project Dialog
MPEG export settings (preset and settings under Advance Button)
Source, format, and duration of Timeline content (video and audio)
Brand and model of camcorder, source of video that went into the MPEG
What "mpeg players" have you used?

Please let us know the outcome