View Full Version : Premiere Elements 8 - How to export wmv for best quality?

January 24th, 2010, 11:08 PM

I just bought a Nikon D3s recently and started playing with the video features, I also bought the bundle Premiere elements 8 and Photoshop elements 8 for simple video editing. So I'm new to the video editing world.

My question is quite basic, hope someone can help me out:
- I shot a few seconds clip using the D3s in 1280x720 resolution 24fps, the file is in AVI format.
- I watch the original AVI clip in Windows Media player version 10. The video looks great with nice contrast and great details.
- I then open Premiere with a new project. Project setting I use is 'PAL HD 720p 25'.
- Drop in the original AVI for simple editing, trim start and trim end.
- Playback the clip in the timeline, video looks great with nice contrast and great details in Premiere.
- I then click 'Share' and use Export to PC for viewing, output to WMV file format.
- I use the Preset 'HD 720p 25', resolution still in 1280x720, change the fps to 24, codec use is Media version 9 something like that.
- Save it, render the video and output to WMV file.
- I watch the WMV file Windows Media player version 10, however the video is flat and dull, lack contrast, detail and sharpness.

My main question is, from my original AVI file it looks great, but once put thru in Premiere Elements to WMV it loses the details and looks flat and dull. Is this normal?
How do I make the finish product look as close to the original?

PS. I also play with a few options during the export, eg. select the compressed and uncompressed makes no difference. Also use the export to AVI and the video still lacks detail.


January 24th, 2010, 11:34 PM

It is passed midnight where I am, and I am about to call it a day.

I will look into your questions in more details later today.

But, have you experimented with the bitrate, keeping a good compromise between file size and quality?

BTW, what does the Timeline look like before and after you render the Timeline in the Edit Mode by pressing the Enter Key of the computer main keyboard?

Are you operating with Background Rendering and AutoAnalyzer disabled?

More questions to come.


January 25th, 2010, 06:50 AM
Thanks for your reply.
I seem to get the result I want or close the original file color, details, etc if I use this SHARE option:
- Preset of 'DV Pal Widescreen'
- Video Codec: none
- Tick 'Render at Maximum Depth' Depth: 24 bit

However the file size is huge.

Export to WMV the colors are just so flat and dull so I wouldn't use that option.


January 25th, 2010, 09:34 PM

Have you been working with a known MotionJPEG codec installed on your computer? How about downloading and trying out the following LEAD codec:

Then see what your Windows Media export looks like. How far did you increase the bitrate?