View Full Version : pre7 eating up system memory like oxycontin

January 21st, 2010, 04:37 PM
basic info...

3 year old computer with a p4ht 3.1Ghz processor; 2GB RAM ( ? type / speed ); 1x160GB hd + 1x1TB hd.

Minor project converting 169 slide + 1@56 second video ( from youTube ) PowerPoint presentation with some text animation to dvd'able video. I know - there's software out there that'll do it for me. Tried most of it and kept running into the same problem. The sync between audio & video kept getting thrown off.

Just wondering why pre7 is such a system memory hog and if there's a way to get it to "reset" itself without having to close out and restart the app just to be able to work on one segment at time?

Side note - the 1TB hd isn't really helping as a scratch disk...

January 21st, 2010, 05:13 PM

What are your computer symptoms...
(a) you get low memory messages
(b) your computer and Premiere Elements 7 essentially are at a stand still
(c) your program crashes
(d) any combination of above or other

If you are getting low memory messages, have you evaluated your computer memory situation with the Task Manager Performance? Also, you mention a computer detail of 2 GB RAM. Is that installed or available. Probably, available near 1 GB?? Too low. On the hand, your computer does have impressive hard drives capacity specifications
(a) 160 GB hard drive space (assumed C local drive), but how much of that is free?
(b) 1 TB (terabyte) aka 1024 GB (assumed external hard drive format NTFS), but how much of that is free? Whatever the case, you do want to direct your scratch files there provided there is enough free space there in spite of the large total capacity posted. Your most likely answers to the above would suggest add more computer RAM and make sure that the computer virtual memory is optimized.

HOWEVER, I have seen many cases of low memory reports where the user has far much more RAM installed and available than you do and still gets low memory messages. The problem in those cases was the media that was being brought into the Premiere Elements Timeline. So..........
(a) what is the pixel dimensions for each of those 169 slides
(b) what is this all about
1@56 second video ( from youTube ) PowerPoint presentation with some text animation
Could you spell out for me what the video format is for this 56 second video (compression and file extension)?
When you talk about earlier and current issues with audio out of sync, what was the source and format of that out of sync video audio and in which video editor was it occurring. If in Premiere Elements, did the out of sync audio still exist after rendering the Timeline in the Edit Mode? Depending on your description of the formats involved here, did you ever contemplate file conversion?

Those are my starter questions. I will watch for your responses, and we will proceed from there.

(Did you say what your computer operating system was?)