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January 11th, 2010, 11:32 AM
Hello All,
I'm new to the Village and I'm a new Premiere Elements 8 user. My question is related to importing mp4 files into PE8. I shoot mainly with the Flip Mino HD so I'm wondering if my project presets are incorrect.

Basically when I import an mp4 file, PE8 does alot of background rendering which affects the playback of my clip. I guess I'm asking

What exactly is the rendering doing because it takes up to 15 minutes?
Do I have to wait for the rendering to complete to get a smooth playback of my clip? If I try to play a clip from the sceneline during rendering the vid jumps all over the place.
What do I need to set my project presets to for a Flip mp4 file?
This question is all over the place, but thanks for any feedback.

January 11th, 2010, 12:26 PM
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I will transfer your thread over to the Premiere Elements section as I think you will get more replies if it is in there.


January 11th, 2010, 01:01 PM
Thanks Wendy!

January 11th, 2010, 08:13 PM

First, turn off the Background Rendering and AutoAnalyzer features.
Background Rendering disable under Premiere Elements 8 workspace Edit Menu/Preferences/General.
AutoAnalyzer disable under Elements Organizer workspace Edit Menu/Preferences/General. You get to the Elements Organizer from the Premiere Elements 8 Editor by clicking on the Organizer tab in the row below the Organize (Orange) Tab. You can get out of the Elements Organizer and back into the Premiere Elements Editor by going to File Menu/Exit of the Elements Organizer.

There are two types of rendering in Premiere Elements. One type of rendering is export of your Timeline. The other is rendering the Timeline in the Edit Mode. This type latter type of rendering gets you the best possible preview of the end product. It does not impact quality. The process can be time consuming but worthwhile and does pile up preview files on your hard drive. You can render the Timeline in the Edit Mode:
a. by pressing the Enter Key of the computer main keyboard
b. by going to the Timeline Menu/Render Work Area.
You are going to get the same result (bad or good) whether or not you render the Timeline in the Edit Mode. However, you have no degree of certainty if gauging what to expect without doing this type of rendering. So, you lose your window of opportunity to correct a problem sooner than later if you do not do this type of rendering.

Background Rendering does this rendering the Timeline in the Edit Mode automatically, in idle moments when it decides the Timeline needs this rendering for Real Time preview. This process consumes a lot of computer resources, sometimes resulting in computer slow down and failure. Best you tell the program when and if you want to render the Timeline and disable Background Rendering from going into automatic action unexpectedly in an untimely fashion. Something to remember:
a. when rendering the Timeline is going on, you WAIT for its completion and do not perform any tasks
b. a red line over the Timeline = rendering needed to get the best possible preview; a green line = OK.
c. this type of rendering especially useful for titles, effects, transitions, and non DV AVI content.

As for your Flip Mino HD
What I believe that you have is called AVCHD-Lite 1280 x 720 at 30 frames per second with a .mp4 file extension. AVCHD-Lite is a very problematic type of video to edit in Premiere Elements. There are many recent threads on the topic. For now, see what you get and let me know. We may end up trying to rename file extension or do file conversion.

Premiere Elements 8 project preset (new project dialog) should be NTSC HDV HDV 720p30. That should provide you with the 1280 x 720 template in the Edit Monitor from which you can edit your video. That setting does not prohibit you from making another type of export. But the setting does determine what type of DVD Menus will be available to you if you are heading for Create Menus/Share for DVD-VIDEO.

Let us start here and see where this takes us.


January 12th, 2010, 09:59 AM
Thanks ATR! I will start with your suggestions. Of course, after I posted I started reading all the threads related to PE8 which answered most my questions. I will let you know.

January 12th, 2010, 12:08 PM

I will be looking forward to your results.

A lot of users at the site are not aware of the Search function or they find it difficult to find what they are looking for. I need to check this out further, especially because of the wave of similar Premiere Elements 8 issues that are being presented.

I am thinking about posting an additional sticky thread maybe with links for recent problem/fixes here. But, we need to remember that, although problems may have the same symptoms, they may have different causes.

But, we will think on this and see what we can do to improve the situation.