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December 19th, 2009, 11:29 PM
I just installed Premiere Elements 8 for the first time and have been experimenting with it. I've been able to figure most everything out except a good way to generate reasonable sized AVI files.

Win7 x64
8gig RAM

Source Files:
Full quality HD recordings from Sony HDR-SR11 (AVCHD .mts files) [1920 x 1080]

I'm using the Full HD AVCHD 5.1 Sound Project. I make my test clip and select Share/Personal Computer/AVI - I select Microsoft AVI and Select Advanced.

Here are my 2 questions:
1. I have DiVx & xViD codecs installed but when I select to use them to generate the AVI, I get poor results. The xViD crashes and the DiVx generates a 7gb file from a 125mb source .mts file. Can I use xViD/DiVx to generate decent compression/decent quality distributable (to family/friends etc) files with Premiere Elements?

2. When I select the Audio tab of that Advanced window the only codec option is uncompressed. How can I get additional options for AVI files, Ideally MP3?


December 20th, 2009, 11:09 AM

I have not worked with XviD and only to a limited extent with DviX.

What I have found online mainly relates to Premiere Pro, but may be applicable to Premiere Elements as well. Please check the following.

With regard to XviD, I have seen one report dealing with Premiere Pro, XviD codec, and lock ups. The fix was supposed to have been in the XviD encode options, namely, turning OFF “Advanced Options/Debugging”.


Another link on a common problem

The following one suggests exporting an uncompressed file, followed by compression with Virtual Dub.

Also, have you determined if your issue is specific to the XviD codec version that you have been using. Typically use of XviD in Premiere Elements is very problematic.

You mention “…decent compression/decent quality distributable (to family/friends etc) files with Premiere Elements?” How were you planning on distributing these files, via email or burning them to a DVD disc (make data disc)? If email, have you looked into Share/Personal Computer/Windows Media export choices? If the preset includes a bitrate setting, you might want to experiment with that parameter to try to find the right compromise between quality, file size, and bitrate setting.

I believe that Premiere Elements uses its own MP3 codec in certain presets. I do not believe that you can add a MP3 codec option to Premiere Elements 8 Share/Personal Computer/AVI (under Advance button Audio Tab) the way you can add DivX codec option to Premiere Elements 8 Share/Personal Computer/AVI (under Advance button Video Tab), that is, just downloading the codec to your computer system and have it appear in the codec choices for that preset. But, I have not tried it nor seen anyone describe this type of adaptation.**

Let us look at these considerations first and let me know what you think about them.

**After typing that, I did download a MP3 codec and found that it did not add to the Audio Codec list for Microsoft AVI with Video Codec NONE. The Audio Codec for this Microsoft AVI remained the same after this MP3 download, showing only the uncompressed as before the download.