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December 7th, 2009, 05:17 PM
I now have everything working, both PSE and PRE. I have used PRE lightly inthe past but not I need to do some more serious work and can't figure out how to do what I want.

I have a 20 minute of a lion chase and kill. I want to just pick up parts of it to put into my slide show. I went to get clips from it but am only able to get one clip. I would like to get multiple clips. I decided all I needed to do was go back to organizer and bring the video back and create my next clip. When I go back to PRE from PSE the entire video is there but I can't get another clip from it.

What am I doing wrong? What concept don't I understand?

Thanks in advance.

Sue Wharton
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Chuck Engels
December 7th, 2009, 05:29 PM
Hi Sue,
Here is some information in the Premiere Elements Help that will show you how to create multiple clips from one large clip




Those should give you a good head start. Steve Grisetti and I have also created many video tutorials at muvipix if it is easier to watch someone do something rather than read how to do it.

If nothing else these should give you a much better understanding of how the program works :)

December 7th, 2009, 06:42 PM
Sue Wharton

Thanks for starting your own post. I have deleted the posts from the bottom of the other thread, so that is all taken care of.

I see that an entry with suggestions has been made in your new thread already. It looks like it gives you the basics on trimming (splitting) clips in the Sceneline View or Timeline View from the Premiere Elements Help PDF. I would suggest using the Timeline View for your Premiere Elements projects since it gives you a better view of what is going on which gives you more control for your workflow.

I have some questions for you. After I receive the answers, I will give you a step by step to create clips of your video and get them into your slideshow.
What versions of Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements are you using?
1. Where is this video clip now..saved to the computer hard drive? What is the source, format, and duration of the video? Is any of the video protected? If it is from a camcorder, then what is the brand and model? We are going to need that information so that we can set a Premiere Elements project preset (new project dialog) before we open the Premiere Elements workplace. Think of that project preset as a template from which to edit.
2. Where are you creating this slideshow...in Photoshop Elements or Premiere Elements? In other words, is your intention to add the split clips on the Photoshop Elements or Premiere Elements side?
3. I think that the easiest way is to import the whole video into Premiere Elements, trim (split) the video into clips which can be exported as DV AVI which can be saved to your hard drive for later use in Photoshop Elements slideshow or a Premiere Elements slideshow.
4. Once I have a better idea of where you are at, I will proceed by posting a step by step to get you those split clips that can be used immediately in Premiere Elements or saved for future use.

What is your goal...DVD standard or widescreen for TV viewing or other?

To be continued.....


December 8th, 2009, 06:56 AM

I am on a dial up link currently so I can't do too much online.

Here are the answers that you need.

I am on PRE and PSE 8.

Slide show will be done in PRE8.

Video clip is on computer, originally a HD720 MOV file converted to DVAVI via software. Preset is hd 720.

DVD wide screen is the goal but I will take what I can get.

I have created many DVDs in the past via PSE and Nero. Decided to do video and slides this time so need to use PRE.

I generally only log on 2 times a day and have access to a DSL line on Wed and the weekends. We are in an RV, hece the dialup line.

To make things worse, I have a new laptop and W7 besides the new PRE and PSE8. I guess I just like to torture myself.



December 8th, 2009, 08:14 AM

Premiere Elements 8
Project Preset (new project dialog) = NTSC DV Widescreen

1. Use Get Media/Files and Folders to bring your DV AVI (assumed DV AVI widescreen) into Premiere Elements 8 where initially you will see your DV AVI in the Organize (deep blue tab highlighted) workspace. Look to the row below the Organize deep blue tab and to the far right where you should see a Project tab (black). Click on that Project tab.

2. You should now be in the Project Media View with your DV AVI listed there. Double click the DV AVI file there to bring up the Preview Window with its Set IN and Set OUT points and now showing your DV AVI in the Preview Window monitor.

3. In the Preview Window you should see:
a. a thick horizontal purple bar
b. a gray tab at the upper left corner of the purple bar which you can move from left to right and back to view different parts of the video in contrast to just pressing and stopping the view with the play button. (You can also use the left and right arrow keys on the computer keyboard to the right of the main keyboard to fine tune the movement.)
c. and, as said before, the start of your DV AVI showing in the Preview Window Monitor

4. Example 1. Splitting (trimming) the beginning section of the video.
With the gray tab at 00;00;00;00, click on Set In.
Move the gray bar to the right where you want the ending for this clip, say 00;00;01;25, click on Set Out.
Then with your mouse cursor, drag the image in the Preview Monitor to the Timeline.

5. Next go to Share/Personal Computer/AVI and, using the Preset = DV NTSC Widescreen, export/save this split clip to your computer hard drive.

6. Example 2. Splitting (trimming) a section of this same video in a middle section.
With the gray tab at, say, 00;00;01;25 where you left it in the first example, move the gray tab to where you want the next split clip to start, maybe 00;00;01;27, click Set In.
Then move the gray tab to where you want the end for this clip, say, 00;00;03;00, click Set Out.
Then with your mouse cursor, drag the image in the Preview Monitor to the Timeline.

If you had not clear the first split clip (from example 1) from the Timeline, you would then have 2 split clips on the Timeline at this point. You already have the first split clip saved to the hard drive, and you just want to do the same just for this second split clip. So, if you did not delete the first split clip from the Timeline.....

7. WorkArea Bar Technique comes in. Above the Timeline is a horizontal gray bar that runs across the top of the Timeline. This WorkArea Bar has a tiny gray tab at either end of the Timeline content that it spans. With your mouse cursor move these tiny gray tab so that they span just this second split clip, one tiny gray tab at the split clip's start and one at its end. Then go on to Share/Personal Computer/AVI with the DV NTSC Widescreen preset BUT remember to put a check mark next to “Share WorkArea Bar Only”. This way you will be export/saving just this second split clip.

There are a few other aspects of trimming clips that we can go into later if necessary, such as saving subclips and looking at alternative approaches that may be applicable in some situations.

Let us start here and see where this takes us.

I will be watching for your results.


December 9th, 2009, 07:05 AM
I'll work on this on Thursday. I think most of my problems may be in the words used. They don't seem to mean what I think they should mean. I now have the Missing Manual and the Muvipix Manual(finding time to reference them is a challenge), hopefully they will help.

My confusion over words and their usage are: a video is called a clip, but you can clip your clip(video). You can also trim you clip(video). All this to me is editing. I am not sure what the difference is between clipping and trimming. In my mind clipping is pulling sections out of the video that you really want while trimming is deleting parts of the video that you don't want.

Also, after I go back to PSE from PRE I would have thought a version set would have been created but it isn't. I now have multiple copies(safety) off all my videos. Another confusion in my mind. It seems that PRE doesn't follow the same rules pictures use in PSE. Linking them together is great but the functionality should be the same.

Am I making sense??


December 9th, 2009, 08:16 AM

The main focus is that Photoshop Elements is the photo editor and Premiere Elements is the video editor and the two may have unique functionalities. Your goal is to take your whole video and split it into segments that you can save to the computer hard drive to be used as source media in your projects. In Premiere Elements you can do that in a few ways, typically trimming the whole video in the Premiere Elements Preview Window with its SetIn SetOut.

I will wait for your further reports after your Thursday exploration and troubleshooting.

My confusion over words and their usage are: a video is called a clip, but you can clip your clip(video). You can also trim you clip(video). All this to me is editing. I am not sure what the difference is between clipping and trimming. In my mind clipping is pulling sections out of the video that you really want while trimming is deleting parts of the video that you don't want.

A video files with its unique file extension is often referred to as a video clip. But, think of your video file as a whole video.
a. if, on the Timeline, you split the whole video into segments with the Scissors Tool below the Edit Mode Monitor and then delete the unwanted other segments from the Timeline, that would be indeed deleting clips in the exercise of splitting your whole video into smaller segments.
b. but, if you split the whole video into split segments using the Preview Window SetIn and SetOut, you are trimming the clips (grabbing out and dragging the segment to the Timeline) but you are not deleting segments from the whole video INCLUDING the segment that you just dragged to the Timeline. That whole video (including the first grab) is still in the Preview Windows waiting for you to reset the SetIn SetOut point to grab out and drag the same or an additional segment of that whole video to the Timeline.

Let me know if any other above helped. I will be looking forward to your next report and progress.


December 10th, 2009, 05:58 AM
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Your explanation and how-to was exactly what I needed. I felt like a fish swimming upstream with this video business. The secret was saving each clip individually.

A setup question: do you know if I can get the track size to default to large. If I did a lot of video I would get a big screen but I don't do that much video.

Thanks again and have a Happy Holiday Season.........


December 10th, 2009, 07:49 AM

I was so very pleased to learn of your progress. Good work.

As for having the default Timeline track size = Large, I believe that your project default is set by the program as Small and you need to change it in each project to Medium or Large if you want those track sizes.

In the Edit Menu/Project Settings, you can change the number of tracks (program default = 3) and thus create a new default, but there is nothing there to set for a user custom default for track size.

In some cases, under Edit Menu/Preferences, you can control some preferences, but I do not see that you can do that for the Timeline Frame size.

Continued success with your projects and have a great holiday.


Chuck Engels
December 10th, 2009, 09:36 AM
One of the best ways to save all of your default project settings, like Track Size, is to create a template project. Set up your project as you like, large track size, number of tracks, anything else you might think of to change like panel sizes. Don't add any media to the project, just save it as "Template". Then, every time you start a new project start by opening the template and save it as your new project name :)

December 10th, 2009, 10:16 AM

Since you are just starting to use Premiere Elements and intend to do so in a limited way, I think that it will be less confusing and just as easy to set your program's track size (and anything else that needs that type of setting) when you open each new project.

If you do decide that the template idea of CE does sound inviting and you need any further details on executing that, please let me know.