View Full Version : Scanner Issue

February 24th, 2007, 12:04 PM
Just got a new printer/scanner combo (Photoprint HP C3100) and imported a group of pictures. There were four types of scans I could do. I selected the first one (twain) and it imported just fine. The problem came up though when I tried to create a new layer. A message popped up saying "This action cannot be performed on a file with 16 bit color depth. Do you want to convert the file to 8 bit?"
I tried to select the second one (WIA whatever that means) and didn't get this message. The second one though, didn't allow me to select the resolution I wanted to scan at. The default is 200 and I prefer to scan at 300 res.

BTW I posted this on the beginner forum and Wendy mentioned that I'd have to convert it to the 8 bits, but that maybe somebody with the same printer could walk me through changing the settings so the settings would come in at 8 bit (I'm a total non-geek where this is concerned). TIA